The fact that my name is Dance-I and i happen to post dance related things is completely coincidence. Just thought it would sound cool when i liked/reblogged posts. Dance....I liked your post....your horrible post :) jk.
This is my main blog and i post whatever i like which sometimes tends to be alot of ballet, gymnastics, breaking and PK posts.

Some Irrelavent facts.

I've been lucky enough to see all of my favorite bands/artists live at least once. There are too many to name however some of the most memorable and nice ones were paramore, TAA, HLH, Alexisonfie, saosin.

I had a blog before this, actually 2 before this one that i deleted for reasons =)

that's it for now.

**Update 2014**
This blog will forever contain stretchy, jumpy, kicky, gymnasticy? 0.o happy, hilarious, fit, motivational, hopefully positive posts, oh and butts must never forget butts. I don't always reblog em, but when i do....